The Games will feature the nation’s best competitors who will travel from across the country to participate in 26 official events in Kamloops, Canada’s Tournament Capital.

We know that it has been increasingly difficult to stay healthy and active during these unprecedented times, but with the warm weather approaching and more people online, the ability to connect and stick to your heath goals is easy!

Read on to learn our top 5 tips for staying healthy and active:

1. Get Outside

Something as simple as going for a walk can make all the difference when you feel like you have been stuck inside for too long! Just be sure to practice proper physical distancing and wave to those you pass rather than getting too close. Aim for at least 20 – 30 minutes each day.

2. Eat Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables

Proper nutrition has always been important, but now more than ever! Fuel your body with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Check to see if your local supermarket has “seniors only” shopping times or if you cannot get to the supermarket on your own, ask a family member or neighbour to pick up a few essentials for you.

3. Try an Online Fitness Class

If you cannot go to your favourite fitness classes in person, consider seeing if they are offering online classes! Local businesses like Oxygen Kamloops and the Kamloops Fit Centre are offering workouts through their social media channels that you can follow along with live or on your own time. Check out the hashtag #YKAStrong for more information on local fitness studios offerings.

4. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as your physical health! Some ways that you can do this would be to connect with friends and family using online means like Zoom calls or FaceTime. These visits can also make you feel more upbeat, which is the best medicine at any age! You may also want to download mindfulness apps onto your devices Headspace or Calm, that are great for beginners and have many sessions to follow along with!

5. Keep an Active Mind

Similar to tip number 4, keeping your mind active during this time is very important! Another way to keep your mind active would be to take up a new hobby. Try something creative like painting or start on tinkering on that project you’ve been meaning to start!